Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series

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The Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series is supported by the International Society of Biomechanics in Sports and sponsored by Vicon.

Lecture 28 - Walter Herzog

Muscle Mechanics

Lecture 27 - Kristin Sainani

Tips for Scientific Writing

Lecture 26 - Tony Myers

Bayesian Statistics for Sport Science

Lecture 25 - John Drazan

Engaging Youth in Biomechanics

Lecture 24 - Wendy Holliday

Cycling Biomechanics

Lecture 23 - Sam Allen

Simulating the Triple Jump

Lecture 22 - Todd Pataky

Discrete vs Continuous Biomechanical Data Analysis

Lecture 21 - Dario Cazzola

Estimating Spinal Loading in Rugby Activities

Lecture 20 - Kristin Sainani

Statistics in Sports Science

Lecture 19 - Delsys

Electromyography (EMG) in Sports Biomechanics

Lecture 18 - Gareth Irwin

Gymnastics: Biomechanics, Motor Control, and Coaching

Lecture 17 - JB Morin

Force Assessment in Sprinting

Lecture 16 - Vicon

Motion Capture: Let’s do some MOCAP

Lecture 15 - Ina Janssen

Sports Biomechanics in an Olympic Setting

Lecture 14 - Kristof Kipp

Weightlifting Biomechanics: Selected Thoughts

Lecture 13 - Vicon

Motion Capture: Hardware, Software, and Modeling

Lecture 12 - Bruce Elliott

Tennis Biomechanics

Lecture 11 - Bill Baltzopoulos

Inverse Dynamics, Joint Reaction Forces, and Loading

Lecture 10 - Alexandra Atack

Rugby Place Kicking

Lecture 9 - Céleste Wilkins

Equestrian Rider Biomechanics

Lecture 8 - Neal Smith

Soccer Kicking Biomechanics

Lecture 7 - Archit Navandar

Hamstring Injuries in Soccer

Lecture 6 - Pedro Morouço

Swimming Biomechanics

Lecture 5 - Wouter Hoogkamer

Running Footwear and the 2 Hour Marathon

Lecture 4 - Johannes Funken

Long Jump with a Sport Prosthesis

Lecture 3 - Stuart McErlain-Naylor

Cricket Batting Biomechanics

Lecture 2 - Paul Felton

Cricket Bowling Biomechanics

Lecture 1 - Alasdair Dempsey

Biomechanics and Sports Injury Prevention