Video presentations of my / our research

Perception and application of flywheel training by professional soccer practitioners

Understanding Sports Science - article summary ( Kevin De Keijzer )

Biomechanical Considerations in Flywheel Resistance Training

XIX Brazilian Congress of Biomechanics (Keynote), 2021

Inter-Individual Variation in Coordination and Control of Countermovement Jumps

International Society of Biomechanics, 2021

Physical, Physiological & Technical Demands of National Netball Umpires at Different Levels

European College of Sports Science, 2020 ( Kirsten Spencer )

Optimum Performance in the Badminton Jump Smash

Badminton Pan Am ( Mark King )

A practical open-source comparison of discrete and continuous biomechanical analysis techniques

ISBS Conference 2020

The effect of delivery method on cricket batting upper-body kinematics

ISBS Conference 2020

Undergraduate student experiences of publishing biomechanics research

ISBS Conference 2020

Spatial speed-accuracy trade-off in international badminton players performing the forehand smash

ISBS Conference 2020 (Idrees Afzal)

Relationships between whole-body kinematics and badminton jump smash racket head speed

ISBS Conference 2020 (Romanda Miller)

Cricket Batting Biomechanics

Sports Biomechanics Lecture Series